An Abanning on the Framework and Árunga of the Ríce, the Trow of Greater Théodism, and the Unthéodishness of Outlaws

The Wínland Ríce

Þrilíða MMXX
Originally published in Spellstów Volume 2 Number 3 Wéodmónaþ 2020

Deemings from the Wínland Ríce’s Hláftíd Mót
Hwæt! Be it known unto all that the Théodsmen of the Wínland Ríce held moot at Hláftíd MMXX to fathom the framework and árunga of the Ríce. Here are the deemings that were then made with the Cyning and the folc of his Ríce:

I. That the Wínland Ríce shall be a ríce of charted and oath-bound théods that gather to hold the holytides, fain the gods, and hold moot.
II. That each théod shall be helmed by a hláford in hold to the Cyning and oathed in fréondscipe to the other hláfordas of the Ríce. Such shall be our Web of Oaths.
III. That, whereas the théods of the Ríce’s early years were framed upon the dryhta of the Folkwanderingtide, henceforth théods shall frame themselves as háliggyld and as other…

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