An Abanning on the Renewal of the Wínland Ríce

The Wínland Ríce

Þrimilce MMXIX
Originally published in Spellstów Volume 1 Number 2 Wéodmónaþ 2019

Be it known unto all that, upon the full moon of Þrimilce, the folc of the Ealdríce Háliggyld beat the bounds, fained Bældæg, held moot, and symbeled with Gárman Lord, Cyning of the Wínland Ríce, at Géring Théod Hall in Watertown, New York. Much merriment was there throughout the weekend as the wífmen garland-danced for their king and the wermen gladdened him with their mummers play. Moreover, at Sunnanniht’s symbel, Gárman Lord Cyning donned his cynehelm and heard the hold-oath of Þórbeorht, Ealdorblótere of the Ealdríce. By this bond Þórbeorht became the king’s man and the Ealdríce, in turn, a holy-guild of a renewed Wínland Ríce. To this oath were the following Théodsmen of good gefrain witness: Eþelwynn Hlæfdige Ealdríces, Æþelwíne Þegn Géringa, Ælfgár Þegn Ealdríces, Ósláfa Gegilda Ealdríces, Wuducind Gegilda Ealdríces, and Sæfriþ Gegilda Ealdríces.

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