An Abanning of the Founding of the Gármanling Lárscól

The Wínland Ríce

Hwæt! Be it known unto all that the frumȝewrit (charter) and lárweg (curriculum) of the Wednesbury Kings School is withdrawn and that, in its stead, the Gármanling Lárscól (lore-school) has been established for the furthering of leorneras (learners), feorleorneras (distance learners), and gafol-léodmen (tributary tribesmen) throughout the Théodish Ríce.

— Given by Þórbeorht Hláford Cyning at Whitthenge Heall on the XVth of Hréðemónaþ MMXXIII

Garmanling-Shaded (2)

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