Volume V – 2023

Web Cover Vol 5 No 1

Volume 5 Number 1 Solmónaþ 2023
Available as a pdf (free) subscription or 39 page printed publication ($14.00).
Included in this issue:

  • Abannings
  • The Hræfnscír Síþ Gealdor Part II: The Gealdor Restored by Ealhwaru Ceorl
  • Before the Wéofod: A Geofen Béd by Þórbeorht Hláford
  • Waldere and Þéodric: Continuity in Anglo-Saxon and German Legendary Traditions by Ælfric Hláford
  • Blending Troths in Early Germania by Ealhwaru Ceorl
  • Common Sense vs. Religion, Some Thoughts by Gárman Hláford
  • Onfand on Hræfnscire: The Conversion of Kent by Ealhwaru Ceorl
  • Reviews by Gert Æscbéam Árgesíþa

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Submissions, comments, suggestions, and questions may be sent to the Ealdríce Théod at ealdrice@ealdrice.org or at P.O. Box 13961, Richmond, Virginia 23225.

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