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Welcome to Spellstów, the official newsletter of the Ealdríce. The newsletter’s name, Spellstów is itself an Old English word meaning “a place (OE: stów) where news (OE: spell) is abanned (announced).” As one might well fathom from such a name, Spellstów serves as the means by which the Ealdríce “abanns its spells” to the rest of the Théodish Ríce and also to our friends throughout heathendom.


Vol 1 No 1 Thrimilce 2019
Available as a pdf (free) or printed publication ($7.50)
Included in this first issue:
Théodish Lore: The Sage
Théodish Lore: The Wælburgas Þyle
An Éastremónaþ Hwatung (Omen)
Rúnlár (Rune Lore)
Rúnung (A Reading of the Runes)
Éastre Abannings
Yeartidely Lore: On May Day, Bældæg, and Beltane

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