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“A more-than-worthy successor to THEOD Magazine.”- Gárman Lord

Welcome to Spellstów, the official newsletter of the Wínland Ríce and Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief. Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief, also known as Þéodisc Geléafa or Theodism, is a rekindling of the manygodded troth that was held by our Anglo-Saxon heathen forebears before the coming of Christianity.

The newsletter’s name, Spellstów is itself an Old English word meaning “a place (OE: stów) where news (OE: spell) is abanned (announced).” As one might well fathom from such a name, Spellstów serves as the means by which the Ríce, its théods, guilds, and halls, “abanns its spells” to its friends throughout heathendom.

Spellstów is published quarterly at Solmónaþ (February), Þrimilce (May), Weodmónaþ (August), and Blótmónaþ (November) and includes articles and abannings from Géring Théod in New York, the Ealdríce Théod in Central Virginia, Brádléahweald Léode in Northern Virginia, Hræfnscír Théod in British Columbia, and Æppeldor Heall in Tasmania.

Spellstów, is published by Háliggyld Books. Be sure to check out Háliggyld Books’ selection of Théodish titles by Gárman Lord Cyning, Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere, and Wordsmið Þegn.


Web Cover Vol 5 No 1

Volume 5 Number 1 Solmónaþ 2023
Available as a pdf (free) subscription or 39 page printed publication ($14.00).
Included in this issue:

  • Abannings
  • The Hræfnscír Síþ Gealdor Part II: The Gealdor Restored by Ealhwaru Ceorl
  • Before the Wéofod: A Geofen Béd by Þórbeorht Hláford
  • Waldere and Þéodric: Continuity in Anglo-Saxon and German Legendary Traditions by Ælfric Hláford
  • Blending Troths in Early Germania by Ealhwaru Ceorl
  • Common Sense vs. Religion, Some Thoughts by Gárman Hláford
  • Onfand on Hræfnscire: The Conversion of Kent by Ealhwaru Ceorl
  • Reviews by Gert Æscbéam Árgesíþa


“Rarely has such a mindboggling trove of lore been set before the mundane gaze in such a compelling package.” – Gárman Lord

VOLUME IV – 2022
VOLUME II – 2020
VOLUME I – 2019

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Submissions, comments, suggestions, and questions may be sent to the Ealdríce Théod at or at P.O. Box 13961, Richmond, Virginia 23225.

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