An Abanning on the Cyning’s Witan

The Wínland Ríce

Háligmónaþ MMXIX
Originally published in Spellstów Volume 1 Number 3 Blótmónaþ 2019

Be it known unto all that on the Hærfest Efenniht MMXIX, Gárman Lord Cyning seated his Witan, abanning it thus:

Wassail All,

To all be it known by these presents that the polls are hereby closed on the empaneling of the Witan. The Witan shall consist of Wuducind and Sæfriþ of Ealdríce and Ælfric Avery of Gering. The charge of the Witan is to deliberate upon any and all matters of concern to the Ríce, setting their own agenda in so doing, and to advise the King whenever a concern or need arises, or whenever the King may so request of them. The King is also a silent member of the Witan, who is kept abreast at all times of all deliberations but takes no part in them unless requested by the Witegan of the Witan.

Hereinunder our…

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