An Abanning of Gafol-léodscipe

Be it known that, on the 15th of Éastremónaþ, the Cyning of the Wínland Ríce, thaned by Æþelwine Þegn of Gering Théod, visited Raven Hall in Northern Virginia and that there he and the folk of Brádléahweald Léode agreed upon the yearly gafol (tribute) that Brádléahweald will give to the Cyning. That gafol shall be:

  1. That its folk will fare to three gatherings of the Ealdríce Théod or the Wínland Ríce to help as needed.
  2. That the cynehelmung will be among those three gatherings.
  3. That, if it is made, they will answer the cyning’s call to the fyrd and so ward the Ríce against fiend and foe.
  4. That, at the cynehelmung, they will offer the merriment of a play written by Gárman Lord.
  5. That by Ærre Líða they will give a bag of bones for the Midsummer bonfire.
  6. That by Wéodmónaþ they will give a loaf of bread as a beregafol (barley tribute) for Hláftíd.
  7. That by Háligmónaþ they will give a dole of wæstm (produce) from their garden for the Hærfest Hám wain.
  8. That they will give a dole of game from their hunt.
  9. That they will offer a workshop on either gardening or woodworking.

For this gafol, Brádléahweald Léode will have the griþ of the Théodish Ríce and they will be reckoned a gafol-léod, a tributary tribe. Their gafol-léodscipe will be a kind of leornerescipe, but one that is for a whole folk rather than for one man. Thus might they, by their deeds and the deepening of their thew, someday earn ár (honor), worth themselves as Théodsmen, and become a chartered hall or théod of the Ríce.

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